When we first organized the Electroporation Based Technologies and Treatments school in 2003 in Ljubljana, we never imagined that we would celebrate its 20th anniversary! And yet, in less than 2 weeks’ time we will meet again. I am eagerly awaiting the newcomers and the oldcomers. This year we have a “new offer”: an FDA-industry-academia round table (see: https://2023.ebtt.org/round-table/), which is attracting considerable interest. The school if full, but you can still join us online.

Richard Heller – one of the most visible researchers in the field of electroporation drug and gene delivery – and if I may say, with pioneering contributions to the field is reflecting on the role the EBTT school had on the field. I must say when reading the Newsletter, I became very proud. And I hope you got curious enough to read it 😉.

Also important – Felipe Maglietti is organizing an online school “Electrochemotherapy Virtual Course for Medical Doctors” (in Spanish) from 20th November 2023 to 20th December 2023. More on https://curso.electroquimioterapia.com.ar/.

Please do not forget to froward the Newsletter to your colleagues, or even better, have them subscribe themselves using https://www.electroporation.net/subscribe-to-isebtt-mailing/.

To the EBTT, may I wish success and many more years to come!