You probably know the Handbook of Electroporation – four volumes – an almost 3000 page book? It is time to start preparing the 2nd edition. Read all about it in the October edition of the ISEBTT Newsletter.

Also, two reminders: one from the organizers of the Electroporation-Based Technologies and Treatments school to be held in Ljubljana, Slovenia – a few seats are still available, but you can also attend on-line! And the second one comes from Francesca Apollonio and Caterina Merla, chairs of the WCE2024 in Rome, Italy, scheduled for next September.

They would like to remind you that the deadline for submitting your Special Session proposals to the conference Chairs via the website is 30th OCTOBER 2023! To facilitate the submission process, a form was prepared and is available on the conference website ( This would be your first step towards helping in building an excellent conference and spending a few days in the vibrant city of Rome next year.