One of the important missions of the International Society of Electroporation-Based Technologies and Treatments is supporting educational events such as schools. In this respect two school in particular stand out as they are both older than the Society itself: the PEF school about which you can read in the December issue of the ISEBTT Newsletter by Henry Jaeger; and the EBTT school in Ljubljana, which has just closed the curtains down 10 days ago. Both schools are annual events and as EBTT celebrated 20 years since it was first organized in Ljubljana, PEF school will have its 10th edition next year. A little birdy told me this may happen in the south of Italy – again by the warm hosts and our dear friends from Salerno. As we are entering into the festivities of Christmas and New Year’s, I wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and hopefully this year I am the first one to do so.

Please review also the video that was prepared by our Multimedia Team where you can see how some of us grew old in the course of organizing and attending EBTT since 2007 (when the first video recordings were made) at

And if you missed this year’s special event – the FDA-industry-academia round table on PFA, you can access the unedited recording at

See you in Rome at the 5th World Congress of Electroporation next year, if not before!