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May 2020 issue of the ISEBTT Newsletter has been published

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Dear colleagues,

In the time marked by the new coronavirus and health systems around the globe fighting against the COVID-19 disease, treatment of many patients in need of their treatments not directly related to COVID-19 has been interrupted. The focus of politicians for many years has been on how to allocate less of the state budget for the health care system, and how to attract private investors. Governments neglecting investments in the public health care system seem to have more difficulties in sustaining the fight and counteracting against the pandemic.

We can often read how science and funding of science is important and should not be neglected, the practice all too familiar to many of us and for many years. Additional money has been put at immediate disposal to battle the new coronavirus pandemic and its consequences. Fear is that for the coming years, we will have less funding for other diseases and fields of science.

It is important to speak up for funding of science in general, and not only for science related to the new coronavirus and fighting the consequences of the current pandemic.

In this Newsletter we bring news about a recent publication and efforts by members of our Society to treat cancer patients by transfecting cells to produce antibodies and fight the disease.


Damijan Miklavčič
ISEBTT Newsletter Editor

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