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In these difficult times we are all struggling with a completely new situation: on the one hand, our private lives and of our families, and on the other hand, our professional life mainly working from home. The balance between the two and efficiency are difficult to achieve.

At the beginning of the outbreak of the Corona virus (end of January) I was in the USA and New York visiting RenBio and Dr. David Ho at Columbia University, and discussed potential need for the vaccine to be developed. None of us really imagined how the new coronavirus will affect the whole world. I also read a commentary in New York Times in the beginning of March when the virus started to spread and started to cause serious problems in Italy, how science has been neglected and underfunded for so many years – for too long.

Perhaps more generous funding would make us more prepared for this outbreak.

You can read in this Newsletter about the role and importance of continuing our research on electroporation.


Damijan Miklavčič
ISEBTT Newsletter Editor

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