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Dear colleagues,

As much as some of us are anticipating the imminent transitioning of seasons, we are equally anxious to witness what summer (and winter for some of you) brings in regard to the global pandemic situation. Our spirits are high, elevated by the societal and economic revival in the countries spearheading the recovery, and we are hopeful that the present course stays firmly set, enabling the world to jointly celebrate the next season COVID-free.

In this month’s issue of the ISEBTT Newsletter, we would like to point out an important paper that has recently been published by Clover et al in the European Journal of Surgical Oncology. Gregor Serša from the Ljubljana Institue of Oncology with Aleš Grošelj, University Medical Center, Ljubljana, Slovenia jointly prepared a brief summary and commentary on the results of this first randomised control trial comparing electrochemotherapy with surgery and long follow-up.

Enjoy the read!


Damijan Miklavčič
ISEBTT Newsletter Editor

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