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I hope most of you are on vacations and enjoying some calm days. The day when the PEF school in Cesena begun was actually the first hot day of the summer after almost a whole month of raining in May. In spite of some heat waves, let us hope the summer (at least what is left of it) will be pleasant and we will all meet in the beautiful Toulouse at the 3rd World Congress early September.

The newsletter will be on its way to your mailboxes tomorrow, July 31st, but if you wish you can read it now as it is attached to this news item below.

Also, do not forget to vote for the new President-Elect and Council Officers. The voting will begin on August 4, and will be open for two weeks. The emails with unique links for voting/electronic ballots will be sent to all members of the ISEBTT in good standing. Not receiving such an email on August 5 will require your action: check your member status – visit this link – and pay your dues/become a member. If/when you have paid your dues, let us know – send a proof of payment to or directly to our trasurer, Rafael Davalos (, and we will make sure you will receive your copy of instructions on how to vote by email.


Damijan Miklavčič
The ISEBTT Newsletter Editor

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