A section on the Biomedical Applications of Electroporation in current issue of Radiology and Oncology

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In the first issue of Radiology and Oncology in 2016, a section on the Biomedical Applications of Electroporation is included. Papers with clinical applications of electroporation, predominantly electrochemotherapy are published in this section. As guest editors served Richard Heller from Old Dominion University and Maja Cemazar from the Institute of Oncology Ljubljana.

The leading paper is dealing with recommendations for improving the quality of reporting clinical electrochemotherapy studies (available here, checklist here). The recommendations are based on the qualitative systematic review where the last papers were analyzed for several criteria. We hope that these recommendations will improve quality of clinical data reporting and help to the broader recognition and dissemination of electrochemotherapy.

The papers are available on DeGruyter: http://www.degruyter.com/view/j/raon.2016.50.issue-1/issue-files/raon.2016.50.issue-1.xml

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