European Nanomedicine Meeting

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Conference topics

Nanocarriers for Macromolecule Delivery
Keywords: Nucleic acids, proteins, peptides delivery, immune system potentialisation or activation, immune system cells targeting

Nano and Micro-Medical Devices
Keywords: Medical devices, nanodevices for drug delivery, nanosensors, methods of obtention

Nanomedicine for Tissue Regeneration
Keywords: 3D-tissue printing, nanodevices adhesive, sealants, applications, cell encapsulation and conservation, scaffold for cell grafting

Nanospecific Toxicological issues
Keywords: Nanoparticles and toxicology, specific methods developped for nanomedicine toxicity, validation of methods and convention on basic tests: in vitro, complement activation and acute toxicity.

Nanomedicine and Imaging
Keywords: Nanosystems (nanoparticles, macromolecules..) to detect, diagnose, or deliver. Targeted nanosystems. Nanoassemblies with Induced delivery under imaging, image-guided therapy

Nanomedicine in Cancer
Session is co-organized with the Canceropoles CLARA and Grand South West
Keywords: Nanosystems (nanoparticles, macromolecules..) to treat tumors. Targeted nanosystems.
Nanoassemblies with Induced delivery under various stimuli.

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