One of the interventional methods that has long been studied and applied in the treatment of tumors is electroporation. Electroporation (ELP) is a phenomenon of increased cell membrane permeability, which is triggered by pulsed electric fields. Properly selected pulse parameters can control the entry of various compounds into the cells, f.e. anticancer drugs into tumor cells, thereby locally increasing their cytotoxic efficacy. Due to the particularly successful application, this branch of electroporation has acquired a separate term – electrochemotherapy. However, the electroporation methodology is not limited to biomedicine. A significant part of the applications is in the field of food processing and / or biotechnological applications (algae treatment, target molecule extraction, etc.). The field is inseparable from the field of electrical and electronics engineering, since the effects are dependent on the applied pulse parameters, and thus – pulse generators.

The topic of this dissertation is focused on the development of a new technological platform for electroporation. The main goals are in the field of electrical and electronic engineering, however, due to specifics of the topic the future PhD candidate will have the opportunity to collaborate with professionals in the field of biomedical engineering and acquire new and significant transdisciplinary results.

Topic supervisor and contact:
Vitalij Novickij
; +37067410482