A short video, just over a minute in duration, on electroporation-based technologies and treatments has been published on YouTube and is available for download from our site. Its production was supported by COST TD1104 and you are welcome to help in its dissemination!

YouTube link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/78XNELni1-Y

720p MP4 version for preview or download: here

1080p MP4 version for preview or download: here

The video is now available through the following official COST channels: YouTubeTwitter and Facebook.

You can also watch the video below (streamed from YouTube):

Transcript of the narrative:
Electroporation is a surprising natural phenomenon. It involves increased cell membrane permeability due to high voltage electric pulses. Electroporation allows molecules to either permeate into the cell, or leave the cell — which is not possible under normal circumstances for numerous important molecules.
Electroporation can be successfully used to deal with the World’s current most pressing challenges related to health, food, energy, and environment. Increasing the effectiveness of chemotherapy, gene therapy, food processing and biotechnological processes, are only a few of its possible applications. Electroporation is an excellent opportunity for scientists, developers and investors.

We are acknowledging Flavien Pillet, Andraz Polak, Mounir Tarek,  Lea Rems, Igor Marjanovic, Matej Rebersek, Tadej Kotnik, and Damijan Miklavcic for their help and contributions to the video.