Vascular modification due to electroporation revealed by intravital microscopy on the cover page

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November issue of Journal of Controlled Release is featuring images of Intravital microscopy at the single vessel level bringing new insights of vascular modification mechanisms induced by electroporation. Journal of Controlled Release is highly respected journal in the field of Pharmacology and pharmacy (IF=6.5).

The aim of the study was to understand and explain the effects of electropermeabilization on the dynamics (vasomotricity, permeability and recovery) of subcutaneous blood vessels towards different size of molecules. Application of electric pulses on the skin in vivo resulted in a rapid increase in vascular permeability that gradually recovered to basal levels at different times post-treatment, depending on dextran size. Simultaneously, the immediate constriction of the blood vessels occurred that was more pronounced for arterioles compared to venules. This vasoconstriction of arterioles results in a transient “vascular lock”.

The paper has been published by Elisabeth Bellard, Bostjan Markelc, Sandrine Pelofy, François Le Guerroué, Gregor Sersa, Justin Teissié, Maja Cemazar and Muriel Golzio comming from Toulouse, France and Ljubljana, Slovenia. The authors are members of COST TD1104 Action.

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