The Special post-WC2015 Issue of the Journal of Membrane Biology (Part I & II) has been published

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It is our pleasure to announce that the special issue following the 1st World Congress in 2015 featured in the Journal of Membrane Biology has just become available online (Part II, and Part I has been available since November 2016.

This special issue contains contributions not only from last year’s EBTT workshop (68 participants from 19 countries), but also from the 1st World Congress on Electroporation and Pulsed Electric Fields, held in September 2015 in Portorož, Slovenia (, where 400 attendees from 42 countries came together and shared their research. Set in a wonderful location, this world congress highlighted for the first time in a single meeting the importance of electroporation not only in biology and medicine but also in the food and environment industries. Everyone working in these fields will want to mark their calendar for the 2nd World Congress, which will convene in September 2017 in Norfolk, Virginia, USA, under the auspices of the ISEBTT, the new International Society for Electroporation-Based Technologies and Treatments.

Links to both parts of the Special Issue can be found below.

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