The special issue of Innovative Food Science and Emerging Technologies on Applications of PEF for Food Processing has been published

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Volume 29, Pages 1-93 (May 2015) is an “Aplications of PEF for the Food Industry” special issue of the Innovative Food Science and Emerging Technologies journal. It features an editorial by Guest Editors (Javier Raso, Damijan Miklavčič and Giovanna Ferrari) and the following eleven articles:

  • Sylene Brianceau, Mohammad Turk, Xavier Vitrac, Eugene Vorobiev.
    Combined densification and pulsed electric field treatment for selective polyphenols recovery from fermented grape pomace. Pages 2-8
  • Mohammad B. Hossain, Ingrid Aguilo-Aguayo, James G. Lyng, Nigel P. Brunton, Dilip K. Rai.
    Effect of pulsed electric field and pulsed light pre-treatment on the extraction of steroidal alkaloids from potato peels. Pages 9-14
  • Elisa Luengo, Juan Manuel Martinez, Andrea Bordetas, Ignacio Alvarez, Javier Raso.
    Influence of the treatment medium temperature on lutein extraction assisted by pulsed electric fields from Chlorella vulgaris. Pages 15-22
  • O. Parniakov, N.I. Lebovka, O. Bals, E. Vorobiev.
    Effect of electric field and osmotic pre-treatments on quality of apples after freezing-thawing. Pages 23-30
  • Farnaz Faridnia, Qian Li Ma, Phil J. Bremer, David John Burritt, Nazimah Hamid, Indrawati Oey.
    Effect of freezing as pre-treatment prior to pulsed electric field processing on quality traits of beef muscles. Pages 31-40
  • Samo Mahnic-Kalamiza, Damijan Miklavcic, Eugene Vorobiev.
    Dual-porosity model of mass transport in electroporated biological tissue: Simulations and experimental work for model validation. Pages 41-54
  • Katarzyna Dymek, Lea Rems, Barbara Zorec, Petr Dejmek, Federico Gomez Galindo, Damijan Miklavcic.
    Modeling electroporation of the non-treated and vacuum impregnated heterogeneous tissue of spinach leaves. Pages 55-64
  • Alexandra Ignat, Lara Manzocco, Nigel P. Brunton, Maria Cristina Nicoli, James G. Lyng.
    The effect of pulsed electric field pre-treatments prior to deep-fat frying on quality aspects of potato fries. Pages 65-69
  • Rogelio Sanchez-Vega, Pedro Elez-Martinez, Olga Martin-Belloso.
    Influence of high-intensity pulsed electric field processing parameters on antioxidant compounds of broccoli juice. Pages 70-77
  • Beatriz Chueca, Rafael Pagan, Diego Garcia-Gonzalo.
    Transcriptomic analysis of Escherichia coli MG1655 cells exposed to pulsed electric fields. Pages 78-86
  • Henry Jaeger, Dietrich Knorr, Erzsebet Szabo, Judit Hamori, Diana Banati.
    Impact of terminology on consumer acceptance of emerging technologies through the example of PEF technology. Pages 87-93

For more information on this issue and access to articles visit the site on Sciencedirect (library or other personal/institutional subscription is required to read/download full articles).


An excerpt from the Editorial (attached to this news as PDF):

This special issue on the use of pulsed electric fields for food processing contains manuscripts on recent developments in the field of PEF prepared by participants of the first edition of the Training School on Applications of Pulsed Electric Fields (PEF) for Food Processing that was held at the University of Zaragoza (Spain) in January 20–23 of 2004. The School was organized in the framework of the COST TD1104 Action — European network for development of electroporation-based technologies and treatments ( and joined for four days, 13 lectures and 33 students coming from 15 countries of four different continents belonging to both academia and industry.

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