Recently, a paper entitled “Efficacy of Skin-Directed Therapy for Cutaneous Metastases From Advanced Cancer: A Meta-Analysis” was published by a team including a group of physicians working at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York, one of the most prestigious Institutions in the world for cancer research and patient cure.

This Onco e-news brings a number of take home messages following the publication of the aforementioned paper:

  • Cutaneous Metastases (CMs) are a frequent problem. CMs can cause considerable morbidity, serving as a nidus for infection, bleeding, disfigurement, or pain. Systemic therapy alone often has limited efficacy with CMs, but skin-directed therapy has the potential to yield improved disease response and symptom palliation.
  • Among the Skin-Directed Therapy for Cutaneous Metastases taken in account by the Authors Electrochemotherapy is ranked amidst the therapies demonstrating the highest efficacy.
  • Amongst the prospective studies using Electrochemotherapy, the studies where the European Standard Operating Procedure for Electrochemotherapy were applied with the CLINIPORATOR are reporting the highest efficacy scores, both in term of CR rate and OR.

The paper can be accessed via this link.