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Dear colleagues,

After a fairly relaxed (perhaps too relaxed?) summer in Europe, the Covid-19 is back with its second wave. Governments throughout Europe are imposing new measures and restrictions to combat the spread of the virus. Teaching and meetings are moving online.

The traditional EBTT School in Ljubljana is thus also going online. We believe that we are ready to meet this challenge, and have prepared a great programme and adapted it to the online format. This may also be your opportunity to join us this year, even if you have not planned to travel to Slovenia in November. Join us online. In the attached Newsletter, you can read how we adapted the School to bring it closer to all of you, irrespective of your geographical location.

And the chocolate? You need to join us first!

I was also asked by my friends from Romania to convey their message announcing the BES2021 website ( opening and the Call for Abstracts. Hopefully, the situation will improve, and we will be able to meet in person.


Damijan Miklavčič
ISEBTT Newsletter Editor

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