In the July issue of the ISEBTT Newsletter, Richard Heller describes opportunities for our younger colleagues to be able to attend various congresses presenting their research, but also meeting their peers and senior researchers through the means provided by the Doreen J. Putrah foundation that is awarding travel fellowships.

Until COVID, it was taken all too much for granted we were at all times able to travel to conferences and meet face-to-face, catching up with old friends and colleagues, and making new acquaintances on-the-fly while queuing for lunch or coffee. In 2020, we had the opportunity to see what it really means not to be able to engage in person and how detrimental it can be to advancement in our research endeavours.

Now, the conferences are back, but travel is still not as easy and common as it used to be – the Doreen J. Putrah travel awards were already helping many to attend the 3rd and the 4th World Congress on Electroporation, and are there to help more to attend other conferences as well.