Early inflammatory events induced by hyaluronidase plus electrotransfer in mouse muscle on cover page

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April issue of Human Gene Therapy features image of recruitment of a conspicuous population of MHC II antigen presenting cells between days 4-7 in presence of electrotransfer (ET), with a peak at day 4 when ET is coupled to hyaluronidase pre-treatment. Human Gene Therapy is the premier, multidisciplinary journal covering all aspects of gene therapy (IF=4,218).

The aim of the study was to investigate the contribution of hyaluronidase to the inflammatory reaction induced by ET, and its role in supporting electrotransfer adjuvancy properties. The results demonstrate that hyaluronidase amplifies the electrotransfer effect in terms of inflammatory cell recruitment, enhancing the early release of interleukin (IL)-1ß, tumor necrosis factor-?, and IL-6 cytokines. Cytokine induction leads to an observed inflammatory cell migration in  muscle in a time window between days 4 and 7 after the treatment. These observations are important in the choice of prime-boost intervals for optimizing electrotransfer-based DNA vaccination protocols.

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