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April 2022 issue of the ISEBTT Newsletter has been published

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Teaching is one of the most noble human behaviours, and we are proud to announce the translation of the book of the Electroporation-Based Technologies and Treatments, which was first published in 2019 in English as a printed version, was later translated into Spanish by Felipe Maglietti, and is now being made available in electronic version in Portuguese through the efforts of Jean Carlos dos Santos da Luz.

The book of EBTT was prepared based on years of teaching at the EBTT International school in Ljubljana, Slovenia, which was first organized in 2003, was organized biennially until 2011, and annually since then. The format of the school gradually matured both in consolidating core lectures and adding lab works, and finally with course material. The authors of chapters waived their fees, and so did translators into Spanish and Portuguese, and their proofreaders – all with the basic idea to make this course material available to everybody with internet access (even if intermittent). We only ask you not to copy it and share your copy, but rather share the link where anyone can get his/her personal copy for free (book.ebtt.org).

Teaching on site is much more efficient, and fun. The 8th PEF School (pefschool2022.electroporation.net) is being organized in Compiègne, France, and there are still spaces available. I suggest you apply, attend, and spread the word around. Organizers are making every effort to make the PEF school live, safe, and a fun on site event again after three years.

Meeting live on site brings yet another important benefit: it is bringing generations closer by bridging the gap between celebrity professors/researchers and young researchers/professionals starting to implement PEF technology in their companies.

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