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Dear colleagues,

It is now more than a year that we are hoping everything will get back to normal. Things have changed, and we are in a way closer to each other with all the online meetings, but we are also missing traditional networking and meeting colleagues at the conferences face-to-face and shoulder-to-shoulder.

It looks as though we may be caught in this new reality for some more time. It seems therefore important to gain experience in organizing and attending meetings online, and we can only do that by doing and learning from it. The Bioelectrochemical Symposium (BES) has for many years been a home and forum for electroporation community. Its meeting and Electroporation symposium are announced in the attached Newsletter, prepared by Michaela Moisescu.

Please do not forget also to submit your abstract to the 4th World Congress on Electroporation – deadline has been extended to May 15th

See you all in Copenhagen (or on-line)!


Damijan Miklavčič
ISEBTT Newsletter Editor

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