About Felipe Maglietti

Medical Doctor, PhD Summa Cum Laude from the University of Buenos Aires. He is a CONICET research scientist, being Electroporation-based treatments his main area of ​​work. He has international scientific publications on basic and applied aspects of the technology. He holds a patent of an electrode for the treatment of deep-seated tumors. He won several awards including the Instituto Balseiro award, with mention in a project with the greatest social impact, and the First Place Young Investigator Award in the 3erd World Congress on Electroporation. In addition to having attended as a lecturer to various international conferences on the subject, he conducted training at the Herlev Hospital in Denmark on the use of electroporation in clinical oncology. His main research interest is translational medicine. Its activity is carried out mainly at the University Institute of the Italian Hospital in Buenos Aires, and at the Institute of Plasma Physics, School of Exact and Natural Sciences from the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina.
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