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 Research | 4 - Paginated paper (printed)


 Lamy Rocha, L.; Fernando Silva J.; Redondo L. M.


 IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science, 44/10 (2016), pp. 2060-2064


This paper shows how to use modular Marx multilevel converter diode (M3CD) modules to apply unipolar or bipolar high-voltage pulses for pulsed power applications. The M3CD cells allow the assembly of a multilevel converter without needing complex algorithms and parameter measurement to balance the capacitor voltages. This paper also explains how to supply all the modular cells in order to ensure galvanic isolation between control circuits and power circuits. The experimental results for a generator with seven levels, and unipolar and bipolar pulses into resistive, inductive, and capacitive loads are presented.



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Keywords: pulsed power; marx generators;